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What does New Milford Department of Public Works do?

Learn how our Professional Staff uses technology and a bit of muscle to keep our roads and public spaces in tip-top condition!

Chip Seal

  • Single Chip Seal: A thin preventive maintenance overlay consisting of a heavy spray application of asphalt emulsion followed by a single layer of clean, uniform sized crushed stone.
  • Double Chip Seal: Two layers of single chip seal applied one immediately after another.
  • When necessary to provide a skid resistant wearing course with a minimal change to pavement elevation.
  • For roadways showing early signs of deterioration with low severity cracking, raveling, or rutting.
  • To correct oxidation issues of existing pavements in good condition.
  • Seals the pavement from intrusion of water and reduces oxidation and weathering of the surface.
  • Most cost-effective method to address raveling, correct bleeding and flushing problems, improve skid resistance, and generally extend the pavement life.
  • Double seals provide a strong solution for a distressed pavement in lieu of removing and replacing.

Fog Seal

  • An inexpensive, cost effective pavement preservation treatment where a light application of diluted emulsion is applied to pavement surfaces which slows caused by environmental factors such as sunlight and thermal variations.
  • For use on pavements that are oxidized and in need of rejuvenation.
  • Ideal for sealing a new chip seal, FiberMat┬«, CIPR, or cold mix paving project.
  • Recommended as a pretreatment for porous surfaces that need to be prepared for an overlay.
  • Fog sealed surfaces will add aesthetics, alleviate raveling, and seal minor cracks.
  • Fog sealing promotes adhesion as a pretreatment on all pavements.
  • Slows the deterioration of pavement surfaces caused by environmental factors such as sunlight and thermal variations.