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See updated information and schedule for the Merryall Bridge replacement under the "Bridge Closure Updates" tab. Thank you



A better New Milford. Together.

This website is meant as a communication tool for residents, business owners, and visitors to the Town of New Milford, CT. is available for you to talk with our Public Works Department to ensure that our Town roads, bridges, and facilities are safe, in good condition, and the appearance of these roadways and public properties reflect the values of New Milford residents, Town Government and agencies.

Please let us know if you have a question or comment, see something you believe needs attention, make an observation or give us a recommendation.  We have over forty employees but we don’t see everything.  The residents, business owners and visitors provide us with a lot more eyes to make observations. 

We will follow up on each submission, review and/or investigate the issue.

If something needs to be done, we will prioritize and correct it as soon as possible.  We will get back to you with a call, an email or a personal visit.

The Public Works Team is here to serve the Town and our goal is to provide New Milford with Best in Class service.

Thank you for visiting and we are proud to serve you!

-Jack Healy, Director, New Milford Public Works