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New Milford Winter Regulations Reminder

December 21 is the first day of winter. With the onset of the winter season a ban on overnight parking on all town roads is in effect starting November 15 and ending March 15.

Section 20-1(h)(1) of the Town Charter states, “No person shall park any motor vehicle and permit it to remain stationary overnight within the limits of any public highway so as to create a nuisance or hazard during the time of falling snow, sleet or freezing rain or to obstruct or interfere with snow removal and/or sanding.”

Section 20-1(h)(2) of the Town Charter states, “No person shall park any motor vehicle or permit it to remain stationary overnight within the limits of any Town highway during each calendar year from November 15 through December 31 and from January 1 through March 15.”

 Any vehicle hindering snow removal operations will be fined and/or towed if not removed from the public roadway. Overnight parking is allowed in the Patriots Way Parking lot and behind Town Hall on Church St. 

 Blowing or pushing snow or ice onto town roads is prohibited. Snow pushed into roads can be a dangerous obstruction and can create ice.

Section 18-24(r) of the town charter states, “No person, firm or corporation shall discharge any snow from any private driveway, road or parking area upon any town highway.”

The Department of Public Works will not be responsible for mailbox damage from snow being discharged from snow removal equipment during winter weather operations regardless of whether the mailbox was properly installed, improperly installed or poor maintenance is evident (i.e. post rotted, etc.). The responsibility for making repairs shall be borne by the property owner. Temporary plywood shields are encouraged as an effort to help stop snow damage to mailboxes.

When a mailbox is damaged by “direct contact” from snow removal equipment, the town will repair or replace the mailbox at no cost to the property owner. Decorative and specialty mailboxes are not required and therefore will be replaced to USPS standards ( with a standard mailbox and post. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Proper installation and maintenance of your mailbox and post will help to prevent damage during snow removal operations.

For more information, call the Public Works Dept. at 860-355-6040 or


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